Well it's been 2 weeks and I've been too busy to do much with my BUG Labs BUG but here's the current state of affairs:

  1. fixed my compiler in Eclipse to be R1.4 compliant by setting Preferences->Compiler->Compiler compliance level to 1.4
  2. Started my Bug and the following log is displayed in /var/log/concierge:
    1. [Sun Apr 05 21:32:13 GMT 2009] [INFO] GPSModlet defaulting to passive (external) antenna
    2. [Sun Apr 05 21:32:13 GMT 2009] [INFO] Started modlet from factory com.buglabs.bug.module.gps...
  3. I take it this means that the antenna is set to use the external antenna
  4. Wait 7 minutes and I still see the BUG with no fix
  5. Then I download the GPSConfig app as recommended by the BUG Labs folks and I see:
    1. GPSConfigServiceTracker: start
    2. status=3939
    3. [Sun Apr 05 21:40:31 GMT 2009] [INFO] AppManager started /usr/share/java/apps/GPSConfig.jar
  6. Then I tried using the joystick controller and the select button to configure the GPSConfig app to use the external antenna (and see this log:
    1. status=4003
    2. Switching to external (passive) antenna
    3. ret=0
  7. But the GPS Module display on the 2 line LCS still shows Passive which means it's NOT using the external antenna
  8. Help!
    1. Do I have a defective antenna?
    2. Am I doing something wrong with the GPSConfig app?
    3. Or is the GPS Module incorrect when it states that the antenna is Active i.e. internal antenna instead of Passive i.e. external antenna?


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