Rafe Coburn writes:


Developers need to be on GitHub, period!


Amen! I remember pitching a talk with Jim Pick on Social Coding  to the Vancouver 2009 Open Web Conference and being rejected. Our pitch was awful but our idea was right! Social coding via forking, changing stuff in your own branch and pull requests are the future of coding and if you want to be a real developer (heck even if you want to be a hobbyist "side project" developer like me :-) !!!!), you need have some public code on github ; otherwise more and more folks won't hire you and more importantly nobody can easily collaborate you in the 2011 github workflow for developers:

  • fork a repo
  • repeat until you get commit privileges on the repo:
    • create a branch
    • make some changes on your branch
    • submit the changes in a pull request, get feedback from the person who owns the repo
    • if your changes are approved delete your branch and re-pull your merged changes
    • if your changes are not approved, try again :-)

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