On September 12, 2011 at the Mozilla All Hands all the employees (lucky us, thanks Mozilla!)  each received a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (or an ASUS Transformer). First impressions of the Galaxy Tab:

  • Heavy but useful as a great Google Reader client (I truly am addicted to Google Reader on all platforms: Firefox desktop, Android phone, iPhone and now Android tablet)
  • Great PDF displayer as a second screen for reading e.g. programming books while programming while using a computer
  • Built-in touch keyboard is not so great for me. Investigating Swype and Swiftkey
  • Needs a case, I am afraid of dropping it, can anybody recommend a good case?
  • Not nearly as much software as the iPad (I'd love something like World of Goo and Flipboard; Pulse is alright but :-) !)
  • Firefox Mobile Nightly with the new Tab interface is very sweet. I could happily just use it and no other apps except Google Reader!


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