• Sabrina and Mavis asked for Generative art for Mozfest 2016. You want it you got it :-)
  • Here is how I did it (full details on github):
    • gem install pxlsrt
    • pxlsrt kim ig-van-2016-one-top-colour-square-per-hour-01-31january2016-square-piechart.png black-kim-pxlsrt-ig-van-2016-one-top-colour-square-per-hour-01-31january2016-square-piechart.png --method black
  • Here’s my first attempt:


  • And here is the original:

january 1-31, 2016 instagram vancouver top colour square pie chart  from the first 3000 photos arranged in a calendar ig-van-2016-top3000-topcolour-sorted-3000-squares-01-31january2016-square-piechart

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