This animated GIF thing is fun, a fine way to repurpose and promote my instagram Vancouver visualizations :-) !

Full context see my animated GIF git repo and scroll down to October 12, 2016:

  • mkdir 2016-10-12
  • cd !$
  • convert -loop 50 -delay 20 @3000photos.txt 3000firstphotos-01-31January2016-avg-colour-per-hour.gif
  • OOOPS that makes an 1024x768 animated GIF we want 2:1 and maximum dimensions of 1024x512. Therefore, we use the -scale option to get that 2:1 ratio and get the height down to 512.
    • convert -loop 50 -delay 20 -scale 1024x512 @3000photos.txt 1024x512-scaled-3000firstphotos-01-31January2016-avg-colour-per-hour.gif


twitter size 01-31January2016-1st3000photos-avg-colour-per-hour

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