• Had the iPhone 7 Plus for almost 2 days.
  • The camera is on first blush a lot better. Faster shot to shot. Decent 2x optical zoom which is hard to engage because in low light the 7 Plus (erroneously?) switches to digital zoom with the wider angle camera. Passable 10x digital zoom. I still wish somebody had pursued the Nokia 808 / 1020 large sensor direction. The 808 is still my favourite cameraphone in terms of pure pictures!
  • I don’t think the Pixel will beat the 7 Plus on photos judging by the Nexus 6P which slower and not as good as the 6S camera in every way. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about the Pixel or the Pixel mark II or III will catch up.
  • The button not button is not an issue. I set it to 3 which is the highest vibration level and I don’t miss a physical button after 48 hours and I don’t think I have to eliminate the click to wake it up.
  • It is fast and with lots of RAM, apps are not swapped out as much. Much faster than a 6, or a 5S and noticeably faster than the 6S Plus. Faster than the Android competition that I’ve tried (Samsung Note 5, S6, S7, I don’t have access to HTC, LG or Sony since AFAICT Samsung is still the best seller in Canada and the USA) except perhaps the Pixel which I’ve yet to receive.
  • Haven’t tried the blurry bokeh portrait mode yet!

2X Optical Zoom

iPhone 7 plus first photos

10X Digital Zoom

iPhone 7 plus 20 October 2016

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