UPDATE tl;dr

cd /Users/rtanglao/Dropbox/ROLLINGROLAND.COM_SURGE/rollingroland
hugo new post/2017-01-09-p1-snowmaggedon2016-7.md
# edit in IA Writer or other markdown editor:  content/post/2017-01-09-p1-snowmaggedon2016-7.md
hugo --theme=beautifulhugo --buildDrafts
surge public --domain rollingroland.com


Since I’m sure I’ll forget, here’s how I created my new rollingroland.com blog using surge.sh and hugo and hover’s DNS.

Step 0 is of course to buy the domain name. I recommend hover!

hugo - the blog engine aka static site generator written in go

Install hugo using brew on Mac OS X or your favourite linux package manager.

  • cd /Users/rtanglao/Dropbox/ROLLINGROLAND.COM_SURGE
  • Create fresh blog post: hugo new post/hello.md and edit in your favourite markdown editor e.g. IA writer
  • cd themes ; git clone https://github.com/halogenica/Hugo/BeautifulHugo.git beautifulhugo ; cd ..
  • hugo server --buildDrafts --theme=beautifulhugo
  • Change draft in hello.md to “draft = false” when happy
  • render the pages to the public subdirectory: hugo --theme=beautifulhugo`

hover.com - DNS changes

  • create an A record: @ A
  • create a CNAME record: www CNAME na-west1.surge.sh.

surge.sh - hosting the rendered pages

The following command posts the rendered pages to the fabulous static hosting service surge.sh:

  • surge public --domain rollingroland.com

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