tl;dr: theme_void()+theme(legend.position = 'none'+ theme(strip.background = element_blank(),strip.text.x = element_blank())+ #turn off facet labels scale_fill_manual(values=c("purple", "pink")) #hard code colours

Full code from github

The code is on github and the full details are in the README:

data22nov2016 = read.csv(file="rust-ff48-deletions-insertions.csv", 

p = ggplot(data=data22nov2016, aes(x=commit, y=number_of_lines, fill = type))+ #must not be fill=I(type) unless type is hex colours
  geom_bar(stat="identity", width = 1)+
  facet_wrap(~type, ncol = 1)+ 
  theme(legend.position = 'none')+ 
  theme(strip.background = element_blank(),+
    strip.text.x = element_blank())+ #turn off facet labels
  # don't use scale_fill_manual if using fill = I(type) in aes()
  scale_fill_manual(values=c("red", "green")) #hardcode colours to red and green, 

  p, width = 29.1666666667,+ 
  height = 25, dpi = 72, limitsize = FALSE,+
  bg = "transparent") #2100x1800 for zazzle

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