tl;dr: 1500x1500px square or even more pixels if you got ‘em JPEG CMYK


  • Here’s what Yo Shirt wrote to me:

Hi Roland,

JPEG is best, and there is no limit to the resolution…but after your order, please leave your app open for a few minutes to allow the larger file to upload.

Thanks for your business!

  • Here’s what I wrote to them:

Nov 25, 11:20 PST Hi YoShirt Support


In order to ensure the highest quality printing, please submit art with :a minimum of 1500px square and 1MB.** The higher resolution you submit, the better.

** *A bit more about designing...* ** *There are 2 different spectrums of color, one for things that are viewed on a screen (RGB) and one for things that are actually printed into the real world (CMYK). Not every color on the RGB scale is available on the CMYK scale. When designing on the computer/iPhone you must make sure you are using colors that are on the CMYK scale. Please keep this in mind when submitting photos.* "

Any other clues :-) ? limits?

My specific questions:

  1. best file format is PNG? JPEG? TIFF?
  1. maximum resolution ?can i do 3000x3000 for example? or 6000x6000x I am generating the yoshirt graphic using ruby and R >scripts so i can make it any resolution in any colour space but I will do >CMYK as recommend! you tell me what is best please!


…Roland Tanglao

p.s. love your stuff i’ve ordered at least 4 or 5 custom shirts!

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