• From the department of nobody tells me anything:-), Make Vancouver’s Mighty Print at $CAN32 for American Apparel Short Sleeve sounds awesome:

    What graphics can I use? Bring your own graphics or photos plus we have a growing selection of great background graphics you can use and we will help you put your message on.

    What size of graphics do I need? Mighty Prints requires graphics built at at least 12” wide x 16” high (portrait) or 16” wide by 12” high (landscape) at 200dpi.

  • Questions for Make Vancouver:
    • What file format? JPEG, PNG?
    • What color space? CMYK, sRGB?
    • Which is better 3200x2400px or 2400x3200px? Can I make it higher resolution? Can I layer multiple graphics?
  • I’ll try a custom shirt from one of my old flickr and instagram infographics (or I’ll make a new one) and let you know in a future blog post fingers crossed!

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