• Sure the Pixel has a slightly better still camera than the iPhone 7 but definitely not better than a 7 Plus.
  • But it doesn’t have water resistance and an SD card slot like the Samsung S7.
  • And it doesn’t have a a 2x optical zoom.
  • And it’s expensive at $CDN 899 which is basically iPhone prices for something that’s not better than the iPhone for normal users. Normal users won’t pixel peep and care about the still camera being slightly better. They will understand the value of water resistance and a zoom. (And an SD card slot in the case of the S7)
  • So I’m going to have to say that if this was the National Hockey League, then I’d predict they’d make the playoffs but not win the Stanley Cup :-)
  • Maybe next year or the year after? Keep trying Google! You need table stakes of water resistance and a zoom. And something to go to where the puck hasn’t been.

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