In my 30 years in software, I’ve seen folks who use software complain that it changes too much, that they can’t retain the old interface that they love and that they don’t want new features.

Those folks are right!

Unfortunately until we get the following conditions “users” or “developers without source code and lots of time” won’t be able to get this:

  • Security at all layers from the application layer down to the micro-code on the CPU using a “safe” language using 1990s and 2000s and newer technology from languages like rust.
  • True components developed using a “safe” language. (all software is too coupled together; “components” are a sham and a scam :-) currently)
  • True layering - Currently the flaws in the layers above and below compromise each and every layer.
  • A system built so users can create their own UI from components.

I doubt any of the above will happen in the next 10 or 20 years but I’d love to be proven wrong (e.g. a smalltalk-like system built using Rust-like language from the micro-code up might work)

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