Is it possible to do this on iOS?

From The flexibility of Audio Hijack 3:


To do this, I connected my Zoom H6 portable recorder to my Mac in
USB interface mode—one of the handy features of this device is
that it can transform itself into a six-track USB audio interface
on demand—and attached four table microphones for my in-person
participants. I connected a multi-way headphone splitter to the
output from my Mac, and each of us brought our own set of

Everything got routed by Audio Hijack: each individual track from
the H6 was saved to its own file on my Desktop, and then routed
to Skype via Loopback to everyone else on the call could hear us
mixed together. I recorded the Skype audio to my Desktop and
routed that out to the headphone splitter. Shockingly, the entire
thing worked flawlessly, despite it being operated by
increasingly tipsy people.

Back in the day at Macworld I was frustrated by how hard it was
to set up a multi-microphone recording session in our podcast
studio. Getting a civilian to understand how to properly
configure GarageBand or Logic for a foolproof multi-microphone
recording session? Forget it. But with Audio Hijack, I was able
to make it simple, by creating a Session that recorded the output
of all four microphones in the studio to individual files, a
format I replicated for the beer episode.

Combined with tools like Loopback and Nicecast, there is not a
single audio problem on my Mac I have not been able to solve with
Audio Hijack. Its flexibility and clever interface continue to
amaze me."


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