• If I have something to sell, then I’ll start an email list but until then I’ll happily blog aimlessly like it’s 2002, and I still don’t care about Medium (but hey maybe I’ll write a script to post links to Medium!?!? LOL :-))
  • It’s more important to have something cool to sell than to worry about Medium versus blogging; do both if you actually have something cool to sell for real $

From Blogging is the new Blockbuster Video. Do this instead. Remember 2002? (yes I do :-) !)

That’s not something you’ll see after six weeks of blogging on Wordpress.
Okay. Let’s talk about how to use Medium and ConvertKit together.
Use Upscribe, integrated with ConvertKit, to make a pretty little form to add to your Medium posts, and you’ll start building the only thing that really matters today when it comes to blogging: an email list.
Host that lovely list on ConvertKit and you’ll never be sorry. You can set up a drip course, automate your list to tag your followers in a thousand different ways, and easily send out broadcasts to just the people you want to reach.
Once you have a nice little following, and maybe you have some income coming in, then head over to Bluehost and get that self-hosted Wordpress blog. Repost your Medium work over there. Write fresh stuff and cross-post it to Medium. Send your email list there when you have something new to show them.
But you don’t have to.
If you only have a little money to spend your new online enterprise, spend it on the best email server you can.
And if you have plenty of money? Start a blog. But still use ConvertKit and Medium — go back and look at my screenshots if you need a reminder of why.

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