• My work-purchased Alienware 2014 Windows Desktop with Windows 10 doesn’t work with my bluetooth A2DP headphones yet the same headphones work with iOS, Android and OS X! Silly!
  • Why? Because somebody broke the drivers for Bluetooth and/or changed them between Windows 8 when this PC came out and when Windows 10 came out? And Microsoft or Alienware did’t bother to update the drivers?!?!
  • If I can find a firmware update for the Alienware motherboard (since the bluetooth is on the motherboard) I bet that would fix it.
  • Or I suppose I can add a Bluetooth dongle.
  • This is unacceptable Alienware and Microsoft. This totally reminds me of S*msung and their refusal to update the firmware on their phones after about 1.5 to 2 years which is also unacceptable.

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