• My modest-unencumbered-by-knowledge :-) vision for Thunderbird - Reuse Andrew Sutherland et al’s Firefox OS mail client for desktop and mobile, IMAP only and add better searching.
  • I don’t need add-ons.
  • I don’t need IRC or any other messaging, just IMAP email. I think POP is something whose day has come and gone.
  • I don’t need to locally store gigabytes of emails (that’s what Calendars, ToDo lists, CRMs, databases, blogs, wikis, etc are for :-) )
  • #ymmv and that’s totally fine :-) ! As I said I am unencumbered by knowledge !!!!!
  • Read the Thunderbird vision (January 2018 Thunderbird vision thread, February 2018 thread) of others for more insight.
  • Disclaimer: I used to work on Thunderbird support, but I haven’t worked on Thunderbird since 2012. I know nothing about the code; I still use Thunderbird daily but I won’t be heart broken if/when Thunderbird in its present form ceases to exist; I will just use something else! And like many others I pay Thunderbird a small amount of money to hopefully keep it going and to fund Thunderbird.next whatever that turns out to be!

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