As far as I’m aware, all of the enterprise solutions of blockchain so far are still in a preliminary stage. It could be that’s just because iterating such complex and high-value systems take many years of careful effort or you could say pessimistically that blockchain is failing to satisfy their needs and it will eventually be abandoned. I don’t know which it is yet. I’ve been waiting for several years now to find out about the application of blockchain to enterprise use cases which gains traction and gets more and more users and makes more money.

The Zcash and JP Morgan partnership is making an enterprise blockchain technology which could be a leading candidate for the breakthrough that allows enterprises to use blockchain for real-world use cases. The JP Morgan partnership allows smart contracts, it also allows privacy which is necessary for every enterprise. (Editor’s note: JPMorgan uses a payments platform called Quorum, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Zcash’s Zero Knowledge Proof-based method adds a layer of privacy to the transactions that happen on Quorum. See more here.)


  • I have no idea what will happen but hope that by 2020 we will know if blockchain is going to be used and not abandoned.

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