• Serious question!
  • Climate change is catastrophic; to mitigate it we need to be on a war time footing which means thinking big short term.
  • Do we really need personal cars?
  • Can’t all personal cars be replaced with government-run Zero EV transit if we were indeed to take climate change seriously? And can’t electric bicycles and tricycles take up most of the personal mobility use cases for able bodied people? The rest can be taken up by transit and non able bodied folks can use government run EVs i.e. buses and small buses right? Maybe I’m krazy but I think that we could move people around with almost no loss of convenience if it was government run and ubiquitous and we had a massive wartime-like effort.
  • (I’m not talking about trucks and freight, but couldn’t those be replaced by Zero EV too? Maybe not run by the government but why not?)

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