• I’ve been blogging since 1999.
  • Over 15 years! In fact over 17 years! My first blog was on Radio Userland and sadly is gone.
  • Then Movable Type in 2004, then Drupal and now Jekyll!
  • I have no grandious thoughts other than just do it! And I don’t plan this blog nor have I ever really planned it. I’m sure that’s obvious :-)
  • Forcing yourself to write daily or at least periodically or at least once a week is something everybody should do for at least a year. Why? To improve your writing! Try it not for money!
  • And if you get a chance, try it for money.
  • Both are valid and both are equally challenging. And yes I’ve done both. I blogged professionally for Bryght 2004-2008.
  • And it’s a YES AND ! IF you must, use somebody else’s silo like instagram or twitter or facebook or whatever the flavour of the month is in addition to blogging.

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