"So at the very least we can track these WWI continuations and echoes for five more horrendous years. Indeed, Robert Gerwarth argues that we should date the war’s end as 1923.

Why, then, are our eyes drawn to 11/11/18? I think a major reason is the long-standing* divide between eastern and western Europe. People in the latter usually avoid paying attention to the former. This is especially true in the United States, where “Europe” usually means “Britain and France and maybe Germany.” The former Ottoman lands are even more neglected. The armistice we celebrate today was only for one of WWI’s fronts.

A great deal of the violence follows from Allied mistakes and disasters, from the stupid invasion of the Soviet Union to the failed attempts to manage Turkey. The armistice lets us avoid all of that unpleasantness in favor of celebrating a clear victory instead."


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