"Technological inequality doesn’t require a conspiracy against free software. I don’t know about you, but I can imagine a world where the whole tech industry is built on top of free and open source software, and yet anticompetitive practices, institutional prejudices, a culture of credentialism, the venture capital bubble, and the idea that tech workers need to live in the most expensive cities in the country are still endemic issues. I can imagine a world in which computers are a thousand times more powerful than they are today, and nearly everyone has the equipment to create hypermedia-powered software that we couldn’t even imagine now, but the tools are so arcane that next to nobody has the ability to use them. And in my darkest moments, I can imagine a 2015 in which everyone is constantly connected to a global network of computers, but the whole system is designed to show us ads and spy on us.


I’ve presented you two visions of 2015 — one in which we use a global hypermedia system to increase human understanding, and one in which we use it to shackle ourselves to the commercial software industry. The basic"


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