• Following up on my Mozlando 2018 Kennedy Space Center amazement, here’s how I designed my t-shirt (tl;dr use this flickr set and then imagemagick and kludge the 1.16 to 1 image aspect ratio using preview.app on mac os x; maybe in the future I should crop to 1.16 to 1 each individual image OR do 11 across and 10 down to make it closer to the 1800x2100px ideal ratio for dazzle?):

How To make a Dazzle Graphic out out of photos

  • 1. resize
cd /home/rtanglao/GIT/rt-mozlando2018-ksc/FIFTYPERCENT
convert '../ORIGINALS/*.jpg' -resize 50% -set filename:area '%wx%h' 'ksc-%03d-size-%[filename:area].png' #originals come from flickr set and i deleted the vertical ones !
  • 2. get 120 files
ls -d1 $PWD/* | head -120 >1st-120files.txt
  • 3. make montage in 2100x1800 approx 1.2 to 1
    montage -verbose -adjoin -tile 12x10 +frame +shadow +label -adjoin -geometry '2304x1728+0+0<' @FIFTYPERCENT/1st-120files.txt mozlando-ksc-12x10.png
    % ls -lh mozlando-ksc-12x10.png
    -rw-rw-rw- 1 rtanglao rtanglao 578M Dec  9 22:54 mozlando-ksc-12x10.png
  • 4. the above makes a huge 578M image so try 25%
cd /home/rtanglao/GIT/rt-mozlando2018-ksc/TWENTYFIVEPERCENT
convert '../ORIGINALS/*.jpg' -resize 25% -set filename:area '%wx%h' 'ksc-%03d-size-%[filename:area].png'
ls -d1 $PWD/* | head -120 >1st-120files.txt
cd ..
montage -verbose -adjoin -tile 12x10 +frame +shadow +label -adjoin -geometry '1152x864+0+0<' @TWENTYFIVEPERCENT/1st-120files.txt 25percent-mozlando-ksc-12x10.png
  • 5. still over 100MB, let’s try 19%
cd /home/rtanglao/GIT/rt-mozlando2018-ksc/TENPERCENT
convert '../ORIGINALS/*.jpg' -resize 10% -set filename:area '%wx%h' 'ksc-%03d-size-%[filename:area].png'
ls -d1 $PWD/* | head -120 >1st-120files.txt
cd ..
montage -verbose -adjoin -tile 12x10 +frame +shadow +label -adjoin -geometry '461x346+0+0<' @TENPERCENT/1st-120files.txt ten-percent-mozlando-ksc-12x10.png
  • 6. 12x10 seems to be wrong, let’s try 10x12
montage -verbose -adjoin -tile 10x12 +frame +shadow +label -adjoin -geometry '461x346+0+0<' @TENPERCENT/1st-120files.txt ten-percent-mozlando-ksc-10x12.png
  • 7. resized graphic in preview.app on OS X to 1800x2100 300dpi

  • 8. order your #Mozlando2018 Kennedy Space Center tshirt here :-) :



For Zazzle Tshirt - distorted :-) in previw to 1800x2100 300dpi 1800x2100-ten-percent-mozlando-ksc-10x12

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