• I was part of the Nokia Blogger Relations program and they truly did provide phones to people who actually knew and used smartphones back in 2005 rather than to random popular “influencers” :-) with no strings attached other than a few blog posts. And we weren’t afraid to be critical of Nokia.
  • Probably wouldn’t fly today because it doesn’t seem that the folks targeting influencers want or care about objective people who are actually experts :-) They just want popular people on the internet!
  • From Andy Abramson Age of Influence Online


"Stats like web traffic wasn't really a factor. Instead I looked for those who could provide insight, perspective and opinion surrounding the devices. I also looked for passion in their writing, and a fundamental aspect of their work life. They had to have experience with some smartphone. Back then it was either a Palm Pilot, a Blackberry or a Windows Mobile devices."


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