• Put the main function in a function e.g. script_main()
  • Invoke debug() on that function i.e. debug(script_main). You can see this in: plot-antivirus-mentions-by-3weeks.r
  • Create a test script that mocks up commandArgs which is the built-in command line parsing function and debugSources the file
  • e.g. testRScript.R
commandArgs <- function(...) return(c("FF61", "2018", "6", "26", "FF62", "2018", "9", "5", "no"))
  • and then source testRScript.R in R Studio to debug with all the great R Studio debug utilities

  • Important note when you run it using RScript, debug() is ignored! Here’s how to invoke it with the command line again:

Rscript ./plot-antivirus-mentions-by-3weeks.r FF61 2018 6 26 FF62 2018 9 5 yes

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