• Read the whole thing (subject to Medium’s ridiculous paywall :-) #ymmv ): Stowe Body Some Feedback About Feedback
  • I especially like these table entries:
    • Here are three things that really worked for me. What was going through your mind when you did them? Instead of “Good Job”!
    • Here’s what I would do. Instead of “Here’s what you should do”
    • When you did x, I felt y or I didn’t get that. Instead of “That didn’t really work.”
    • Here’s exactly where you started to lose me. Instead of “You need to improve your communications skills”
    • I’m struggling to understand your plan. Instead of “You lack strategic thinking”
    • When I don’t hear from you, I worry that we’re not on the same page. Instead of “You need to be more responsive”
    • Here’s my reaction. Instead of “Can I give you some feedback?”

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