• Lilia is one of the smartest and most capable people I have met (we met in Vienna at Blogtalk 2.0 and in Seattle post 2004 but I didn’t blog about it, imagine that?) . I know that her research and work is more valid in 2019 than ever (e.g Anjo Anjewierden / Rogier Brussee / Lilia Efimova: “Shared Conceptualizations in Weblogs” - BlogTalk 2.0). We just have much more people doing social media!

  • Lilia is unschooling :-) her 3 children and when I met them last week you could see the fruits of her labour! Three lovely children. Oh and I guess her husband Robert helped too :-)

  • Looking forward to the next time! We meet up ! Maybe in the Netherlands?!?

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