• This thought has been in the back of my mind since July when relive was cut off: Strava cutting off relive as related in DC Rainmaker’s Strava cuts off Relive: Here’s what actually happened has happened time and time again. You can’t trust a platform vendor not to revoke your API access or to remove the APIs your software depends on!
  • Apple has done it umpteen times. So many times, I’m sure it’s not possible to get an accurate count!
  • Twitter has done it a least twice.
  • I still use Apple and Twitter (fortunately or unfortunately :-) !)
  • I think I’ll still use Strava even with relive.cc gone. I think I’ll post to relive from Garmin but yeah it s*cks.
  • The only solution is to own your own data and to pass it directly to the silos like relive and strava that you trust, but who has time for that ? I just want to bicycle and get kudos from my friends LOL!
  • This Dave quote from 1994 seems relevant:
"Today, Macintosh is an empty loveless house. Not a home. 
All the developers walked but left the babies behind. 
Not because of market share, that can be fixed with 
economic tweaks. We walked because Apple is a lousy lover."

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