• Payak 2020 (on classic skins with fake skins): 1:40 (same time as 2018 on skate, slower than 2019 on skate) oops fell 3 times in the first 5km, but mountain view climb was fast because of the “klaebo running up hill diagonal stride” technique, so that’s something positive.
  • Why did I fall so much? I fell on the downhills which is weird for me. I know one of the falls was due to skin sticking. Maybe it was due to the snow which was fast but sticky randomly and finally maybe it was due to the great waxing job the Swix folks did speeding up my downhills? Don’t know it was probably mostly me not having the same core and cardio and less time on classic skis (did a lot of skate on Mondays).
  • I figure if I hadn’t fallen I would have been 5-10 minutes faster! Could have, should have, would have :-) Onwards to 2021!

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