• Read the whole thing to learn about Notion, Keybase, Streak CRM, slack etc in addition to useful advice about videoconferencing with Zoom and other products: Several grumpy opinions about remote work at Tailscale and or check out these quotes:
  • “The very latest 2019 iPad Pro has a pretty great front-facing camera that works in low light (the best kind of light), so that’s what I use now.”
  • “Airpods (when connected to iPhones or iPads) have very low latency, not detectable by humans.”
  • “I mounted my iPad above my monitor, at the so-called “selfie angle,” using a $40 iPad mount I bought from Amazon. Mounting it this way has two advantages: I look slightly up at the person I’m talking to rather than down, and when I type notes into my computer, it doesn’t look like I’m off to the side.”
  • “Short answer: iPad + Airpods + Whereby is a really great combination in 2020. And it also works well with Zoom, which is good because you’re stuck with it.”
  • I don’t have a recent iPad Pro but I might try this.

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