• UPDATE 29October2020: Buster is not new. It was released in July 2019. I guess nobody has had the time to create a Buster specific dependency script.
  • I tried to follow the directions in Setting up your own shiny-server / rstudio-server on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ but failed
  • My theory is that Debian Buster is too new. If I downgrade to Ubuntu Bionic or Debian Stretch 9, then it would probably work since there are dependency scripts for these older operating systems e.g. install-dependencies-stretch
  • What can I do? Hack the script to make it work ? I tried that and failed :-)
  • Or more likely just wait until somebody else does it or the R Studio folks do it!
  • Anyhow I can use R Studio Server on Mac or Windows and just scp things over for now.

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