• Discovered Dec 12, 2020: Designing Branch: Sustainable Interaction Design Principles <— ecologically sustainable websites via Boris who got it from Adrian Cochrane. Some quotes:
    • ” One of the ways we can do this is by lowering the energy demand of the digital products and services we’re designing, making it more accessible to people with slower internet connections or on older devices. For Branch we wanted to design something that still looked designed, and worked at a low bandwidth environment, but didn’t end up looking too anodyne.”
    • Branch was also designed to be ‘Demand Responsive’ to adapt to and reflect the physical infrastructure of the internet and the energy behind it. Utilising data from a grid intensity API and the user’s location, Branch has different interface designs that are shown dependent on the current energy demand and fossil fuels on the grid where the user is. “
  • Read the whole thing please :-)

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