• Discovered Jan 16, 2021. Augmenting Long-term Memory (via Ton) <- “Anki makes memory a choice” <— haha what if I prefer random memories? :-)

    • What if I don’t want to remember random factoids/chunks no matter how important (or if it’s really important won’t you remember them)? or spend my time rote learning anything even if it’s higher level chunks of cool concepts in front of a screen?
    • I’d rather set it and forget it. i.e. blog or wiki it and have the ability to find it again, it doesn’t serve me well to remember and write down random or even salient 1 sentence “facts/chunks” :-) #ymmv
    • I guess for me, unless I apply the chunks/facts/etc into and for example:
      • make a working software program or
      • a long form piece of writing,
    • I am not going to remember it no matter how much time I spend trying to “flash card remember” it. I’d rather know where to start looking for stuff rather than remember stuff.

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