• Discovered Jan 13, 2022.22:36 Inventing the Shipwreck <— “The work of Paul Virilio urges us to ask: What future disasters inhere in today’s technologies?” <– Speed and Politics from 1977 sounds amazing

    • Unless we are deliberately forgetting the invention of 
      the shipwreck in the invention of the ship or the rail 
      accident in the advent of the train, we need to examine 
      the hidden face of new technologies, before that face 
      reveals itself in spite of us.
    • Few things reveal the extent of our reliance on a particular 
      technology quite like having that piece of technology suddenly 
      and unexpectedly stop working. And though our days are 
      punctuated by small and mildly annoying malfunctions, 
      there is always the risk of more serious technological 
      breakdowns, the sort that can truly turn our world upside 
      down: the plane that crashes, the ship that gets stuck in 
      the canal, the web platform outage that leaves us unsure 
      how to communicate with the people we care about, or 
      the power plant that melts down. 

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