• Discovered: Dec 9, 2022 16:57 Introducing Tailscale Funnel · Tailscale <– OMG perfect, thanks! Now I really have to try Tailscale so I run experiments on localhost:randomport with a real cert and public address!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again! <– QUOTE: The second thing you can do is have your device’s Tailscale daemon itself terminate TLS. Then it can reverse proxy the HTTP requests to a local non-HTTPS webserver. That is, you run a webserver on localhost:8080 and we put it on the internet, complete with a public IP address, DNS, TLS cert, and HTTPS server. Now that’s a fun tunnel, if we do say so ourselves.
  • Perfect for trying out something like snac2? (fab ActivityPub server in C) so I can learn enough to re-implement it in a “better” :-) language like Haskell or Rust?!?


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