• Having lots of fun testing ngrok. As of today, here’s how I was able to get ngrok working with ssh from macOS to WSL (DISCLAIMER: Step 3 may not be kosher :-) ! The following is unsupported and use at your own risk! Please be careful!):
  • 0. Start the ssh service in WSL e.g. on ubuntu sudo systemctl enable ssh
  • 1. Generate an SSH Key on your mac (I used the github directions:Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent and of course used *.tcp.ngrok.io instead of *.github.com), let’s call it wsl2. This key must have a passphrase or it won’t work.
  • 2. Copy the public key to the WSL machine e.g. using croc croc ~/.ssh/wsl2.pub
  • 3. Rename the nologin file to allow logins to WSL (Otherwise ssh will fail with a pam_nologin error):
    sudo mv /var/run/nologin /var/run/2023-01-31-renamed-nologin
  • 4. start ngrok ngrok tcp 22
  • 5. SSH in e.g. ssh -i ~/.ssh/wsl2.pub roland@somehost.tcp.ngrok.io -p <someport>


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