• This is straightforward. I just use the editing over ssh feature to enter the SSH connection command (ssh -i ~/.ssh/wsl2.pub roland@somehost.tcp.ngrok.io -p <someport>) in Visual Studio Code (and of course I could always use emacs to edit over ssh which I’ve done for decades!).
  • And I use the terminal feature to trigger a jekyll rebuild and then surge to upload my blog and git all in Visual Studio Code’s terminal.
  • Finally I have another ngrok tunnel running that maps port 4000 to port 80 to see the rendered draft version at: https://rytjekyll.ngrok.io/ (userid: you password: rock+2023 <– remove the “+” sign :-) ) I am not sure how long this will remain up (at least until mid February 2023) because I am not sure I can afford to pay for ngrok but we’ll see :-)
  • Super geeky :-) but then I can edit on any of my 3 laptops and 2 Raspberry Pis (including my MacBook Air) because this recipe will work on any computer that runs Visual Studio Code.
  • Question: Does Typora or any other nice Markdown editor work over SSH? VS Code is fine but not nearly as nice as Typora! Maybe I should try my perennial favourite emacs’s Markdown mode?


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