I want something like this. Imagine an RSS reader that when encountering an unknown RSS extension (say for customer support or personal ads :-) ), can download a spec and intelligently display the content! Now that would be cool. And Typekit is one possible way of enabling this.

From Typekit Framework Technical Specification:<p>QUOTE</p><blockquote><p>This document describes the Typekit Framework, TF. TF is a framework for specifying and deploying interfaces for XML namespaces. The goal of the TK framework is to provide a generalized solution for supporting extensible XML in webblogs and other contexts by allowing extension writers to author a cooresponding user interface called a typekit.</p>

A typekit consists of a collection of resources for creating, editing and displaying elements in a single namespace. A typekit may include but is not limited to: XSL transformations, XForms, stylesheets and images. A valid typekit must contain a typekit discriptor in the root directory of the kit named typekit.xml. This document describes the contents and target context(s) of the kit. A typekit may support an element in one or more contexts, such as on a weblog or a WAP device. Typekits are served from any webhost and are completely distributed.


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