Sounds great. Sign me up for the Acceptance and Innovations Boards!

From Vets needed:


"Thanks to Doc for helping Ethan Zuckerman and me advertise for Internet vets to vet the accumulating activism tools for our nascent Open Republic effort. Since all but my 15 readers have missed this groundswell, the back story is that a small bunch of us are looking for volunteers to serve on one of three blue ribbon advisory panels (your reward will be a blue ribbon and a certificate suitable for framing). The Review Board will survey the available tools so the Open Republic Foundation can host its flagship effort–sort of an activist consumers' union–granting a Good Nationkeeping Seal of Approval for the tools providing the best user experience: A comprehensive and comprehensible guide to the online organizing of campaigns The Innovations Board will describe tools in the guides that need improvement and new tools to fill in the gaps among those tools: Stimulate the creation of excellent campaign and governance software and Internet resources. The Acceptance Board will exercise quality control over the work performed for the Innovations Board: Review work commissioned for the Open Republic Foundation and accept or reject it as fast as humanly possible."


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