Amen! Must read!

From OJR article: What Newspapers and Their Web Sites Must Do to Survive:


This also means that newspaper companies should even acquire distribution rights to stories and information from reputable sources that might not traditionally have been parts of newspapers -- such as trade journals, newsletters, magazines, blogs, other Web sites, etc. The communications, indexing (notably XML), and billing technologies already exist to do this. Jim Chisholm, senior strategy advisor to the World Association of Newspapers, told me that editors must understand that consumers' definition of news is changing. "The issue is what they are consuming. It is not necessarily in the form that we think of as content. We need to think a lot harder about what constitutes news. "News needs to be more attuned to readers' personal priorities and this means journalists moving from 'wide audience, low relevance' stories (i.e., small earthquake reported in Peru) to 'low audience, high relevance' stories. A news event that most journalists might regard as trivia may be life-changing for 10 people. We must learn to serve the groups of 10, or even media markets of one." (In this month's Newspapers & Technology, Chisholm expands on the concept of a new type of news.)


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