Is A9’s toolbar diary feature a stealth blogging system or merely a killer?

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Web Search: Search the web and's Search Inside the Book™ results. You can also do searches on, the Internet Movie Database, Google, and look up words in a dictionary and thesaurus. Search Highlighter: The toolbar will automatically highlight your search terms in a light yellow. By using the highlighter menu, you can see how many times your search terms appear on the page, and jump to each occurrence of a specific word. Hint: You don't have to do a search to use the highlighter. Just type one or more words in the search box and click the highlight button. Your History: Keep track of your last sites visited (on any computer) and your most recent searches. It will keep track of the Web pages you recently visited--even if you switch computers. Diary: This is the newest and (we think) coolest feature of the toolbar. You can take notes on any web page, and reference them whenever you visit that page, on any computer that you use. Your entries are automatically saved whenever you stop typing or when you go to another page. Site Info: See information about the website you are visiting, including related links, site statistics (including traffic rank), sites linking to this site, and user ranking. Select from the menu to go to the site's page on where you can get more information and write a review about the site. Pop-up Blocker: Stop those annoying pop-up ads.


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