Very cool, must put a document here for others to update.

From Many-to-Many: SubEthaTrack:


SubEthaTrack, a site for making SubEthaEdit (formerly Hydra) documents globally available. (SubEtha is the group document editing tool perhaps best likened to an IM wiki. Mac only, alas. SubEtha is becoming the new BBEdit.) The design is: open and share a SubEthaEdit document, then go to SubEthaTrack, which will read and share your document, making it globally available. Then other users can search for documents, and join any you have made public. There’s even one-button application launch from Safari. Right now, there are so few docs set up that the search filter is a no-op, returning a list of the handful of existing spaces, but the CodingMonkeys folks have an always-on server hosting some test docs, like a global scratchpad.


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