We should do this between all countries not just between Iraq and the US.

From Escapable Logic - Let a Thousand Blogsoms Bloom:


At the International session at Bloggercon II on Saturday, I wondered why bloggers can't take the initiative by acting globally and locally? Why not revive the sister city program, but conduct it at Internet speed, mediated by bloggers rather than chambers of commerce? This would be a pure grassroots effort, with groups of bloggers in US cities and villages "adopting" similar-sized cities in Iraq and then donating equipment and connectivity so that Iraqis can get on the Internet and blog sell stuff on eBay and do some phone banking and all the rest. Since Iraqi is essentially a U.S. colony, why not issue them U.S. charge cards? The US should insure card issuers against losses–as good a use of some of those 87 billion dollars as cluster bombs


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