Most excellent rant. Read the whole thing to also see why video blogging software has a long way to go!

From Jon Udell: i18n again:


C-SPAN captured David Weinberger's excellent rant yesterday at the Technology and Politics Summit in DC. The stream was overloaded last I checked, but I captured a clip (WinMedia, QuickTime). The corresponding segment of the stream, when it becomes available, is here. It's the part where he talks about how networked markets erode the power of conventional marketing, empower the customer, and transform the business of product evaluation. I wish I could say it was easy to do this kind of videoblogging, but it's just not true. What I hoped would be a quick, spontaneous thing turned into a chore. It's frustrating, really -- we're so close, yet so far, when it comes to being able to sling video clips as easily as we sling text, still images, and even audio.


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