Some men have a mid-life crisis and decide to buy a sports car when they turn 40. I, being the blogger I am, want to buy a 1 megapixel camera phone when I turn 40 in July. Moblogging here I come!


  1. Bluetooth that's compatible with my 15 inch Powerbook
  2. 1 megapixel camera
  3. compatible with Fido (I can't change my number; it's on all my business cards; if I was starting over I would go with Rogers)
  4. able to post photos via MetaWeblog API , ATOM API and email to Blogware blogs, Flickr and MovableType blogs

The Nokia 7610, and Sony Ericsson S700 look good.

Anything other musts? Any other models I should consider? Any recommendations, please leave a comment

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