Glad to see more activity in FOAF land. The People’s DNS that Joel is cooking up sounds like a great tasty, stew!

From Whats the problem with FOAF? | peoplesdns:


As a programmer working with FOAF and writing a sizeable application centered around FOAF and the FOAF specification I cannot help but marvel that this specification has been so widely adopted. FOAF as it stands is difficult at best to work with and deal with. RDF by nature is fluid and allows anyone to just hack up anything into it. FOAF is just some basic guidelines for saying "This is who I am!" but it is missing some very large and very key parts to become a true social networking centerpiece. I am going to explain in a second, but in order to do what I have set out to do here, I have "add" some things to FOAF in the form of modules, I have to bet that people will follow them as a standard. This is a tough idea to go forward with.


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