Go BBC go! I am glad somebody ‘gets’ it!

From Terry Heaton’s Pomo blog - Watching TV on the train (or anywhere).:


I love the BBC. They're so far ahead of the New Media game that American TV will never catch up. They are actually doing many of the things that people like myself have been talking about for years. It makes me want to return to the motherland one day. The latest is an experiment to provide TV programs via the Internet, so that people can watch what they want whenever and wherever they want. What I like most is their justification, as told to The Independent by Ashley Highfield, the BBC's director of New Media and technology.
"If we don't enter this market, then exactly what happened to the music industry could happen to us, where we ignore it, keep our heads in the sand and everybody starts posting the content up there and ripping us off."
Here are the details. A three-week pilot, called iMP (Internet Media Player), will allow 500 BBC staffers to scan an online guide and download any show. Programs would be viewed on a computer screen or could be burned to a DVD and watched on a television set. Alternatively, programs could be downloaded to a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a hand-held computer that is becoming increasingly popular in Britain and sells from about £70($125). The plan is to make all of the previous week's programs available during the current week.


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