C’mon, give us a fat pipe, not bogus content like prn. I want barebones broadband on my mobile phone not prn or any other bundled crappy content!

From antoin@eire.com: Vodafone and P*rn - It’ll end in Tears:


So what should the mobile operators do? Well, if I were Vodafone or Orange, I would stick to the business of providing data services, and facilitating content providers by integrating with payment sytems. They should provide these services on a 'common carrier' basis - providing the same facility for all content providers regardless of what their content actually is -. (Of course, there would be no obligation to allow content providers to send anything illegal over the network.) They should stay well clear of the p*rn business itself. It should be up to content providers to decide what they want to sell to customers, and how they want to market and restrict it. The content providers will get the bulk of the revenue, but they will also take the risk of developing and marketing more innovative, more competitively priced content. They will also be responsible if the public reacts negatively to a particular type of content. The networks will benefit from increased data traffic and transaction fees. But this isn't what the mobile operators will do, at least not the big ones. The mobile companies like to control as much of the content and the revenue as possible. This strategy could prove to be their undoing in providing p*rn services


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