As I suspected the automatic Excel stock price toolbar only works on Windows. I bet the same thing could be done with RSS in a more elegant and cross platform way. LazyWeb?

From BurnhamsBeat: Updated Software Stock Spreadsheet:


Attached is an updated version of my Software Stock Excel Spreadsheet with prices for 255 public software companies as of 4/30/04. It’s a pretty exhaustive list, so if you are looking for a way to track the stock prices of public software companies, look no further. I use this spreadsheet to help spot long and short investment ideas in the space. I’ve removed from the spreadsheet all of the Internet –related companies and put them in their own separate spreadsheet. The spreadsheet makes use of Microsoft's MSN Money automatic Stock price download toolbar within Excel to get current stock prices for each company. To update the prices you need to update the prices on sheets “Raw 1” and “Raw 2” separately as MSFT has a limit on the number of quotes you can request at one time. Right now you can only get basic market information via this service. Hopefully in the future you will be able to get some financial statement information.


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