Looks to be a good service to replace/supplement email newsletters with RSS feeds for those without blogs. I don’t “get” the need for a proprietary Q channel format. Sorry, but I figure it’s easier just to add a blog component to your web presence rather than using a proprietary Q channel.

From Quikonnex | Channel & Communication Service Provider:


Subscribing to a Q channel is safe and easy. Need a Viewer? Click the button above to see a comparison of our favorites: QuikView, our Channel Viewer & Bookmark Server and Awasu, a full-featured PC-only Channel Viewer. Quikonnex channels are viewable in all full-media viewers. We do encourage you to become a Quikonnex Member. It's free, provides you with your personal QMTP Messaging System, as well as many other benefits. Membership is optional and not required to subscribe to any Quikonnex channel.


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