Great tidbits from the recent camera phone conference!

From Reiter’s Camera Phone Report: EE Times looks critically at development of camera phone marketplace:


*Samsung wants to push quickly to five megapixel camera phones and make digital cameras devices for professionals only. * Cellular networks might not be able to keep up with the large files generated by two megapixel camera phones early next year and three to four megapixel camera phones less than a year later, according to Juha Putkiranta, senior vice president of the mobile multimedia and imaging group at Nokia Mobile Phones. (I also spoke with Putkiranta during the conference and noted that one of the big challenges for network operators will be the ability to transfer large files. I asked about compression and other techniques. He said there simply is no substitute for upgrading cellular networks. That's the solution -- faster networks with new, expensive infrastructure -- for dealing with large files, he told me.)


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